Santana 20

About the Santana 20

Santana 20 is a popular racing boat that has been in production since 1976, There are over 900 Santana 20 hulls manufactured to date.  In 1996, we the manufacturer, W.D. Schock Corp,  redesigned the deck of the boat creating an opened transom, and  roomier, more ergonomic cockpit.  The change did not affect the  performance characteristics of the boat and the old design boats and new  design boats race one design. 


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Affectionately known as "The Original Sport Boat" or "Tuna 20"

Santana 20 from Columbus Day Regatta in Newport, Oregon.

 What do S20 sailors say? 

"The boat that performs like a dinghy, but SAILS like a keelboat" 

Santana 20 Association

The Santana 20 has their own Class Association.

The Santana 20  is a very active association and their website has a lot of racing information,  general information about why Santana 20's are so popular, Tech Tips and more! Check them out here 

Santana 20 characteristics

Santana 20 Characteristics

LOA                         20' 2 1/2"

LWL                        16'

Beam                       8'

Draft: Fin Keel         4'

Draft: Wing Keel     32"

Displacement           1350 lbs.

Ballast (lead)            550 lbs.

Sail Area                204 sq. ft.

              I                24.5'

              P                24.5'

              E                7.0'

              J                8.16'

Santana Owners Manual

Owners Manual Link Here 

Designer W. Shad Turner