Lido 14 Sailboat, a W.D. Schock Exclusive

Lido 14, A Local Legend

Lido 14 Regatta

Young, old, new or veteran, the Lido 14 has possessed the ability to maintain its status as one of the classic small dinghies in the United States.  Competitive fleets on the West Coast keep racing alive; while countless others are cruised on lakes, rivers and ponds across the Midwest.  Easily set up and easily sailed, the Lido 14 offers accessible sailing to many ability levels and age groups all over the country.

 By Airwaves writer Tyler Colvin   

Lido 14 is Great for Beginning, Intermediate or Sailing Clubs!


 The Lido 14 sailboat is a family oriented day-sailer that seats as many as 6 yet remains sporty enough to be interesting to race.  

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About Lido 14



Lido 14 Sailboat

Length Overall 14 Feet

Beam 6 Feet

Draft - Centerboard Raised 5 Inches

Draft - Centerboard Lowered 4 Feet 3 Inches

Sail Area - Main 76 Square Feet

Sail Area - Jib 35 Square Feet

Spar Material Aluminum 

Hull Construction Hand Laid Fiberglass

 Weight (Fully Rigged) 310 Pounds

Seating Area 4+ Adults


 The Lido 14 Sailboat

A History

The Lido 14 sailboat is exclusively manufactured by W.D. Schock Corp. 

Lido 14 history begins with Barney Lehman, boat builder and designer. Barney, best known for his Lehman series of dinghies, had been in development of a 14 foot version of his successful Lehman 10 when he sold his business to W.D. "Bill" Schock. Bill, a successful small boat builder, completed the work that Barney had started by creating a fractional sloop rig, increasing the boat's beam for stability, adding internal seat tanks for comfort and buoyancy, and providing a foredeck and a deck stepped rig rather than the Lehman's traditional keel stepping.

The year was 1958 and the location was Newport Beach, California. Newport Beach is one of the sailing centers of the nation, due primarily to the mild weather and the extensive sailing environs of Newport Bay. The bay, naturally created by the void between coastal bluff and a peninsula running along the Pacific Coast, was originally nothing more than sandbars and silt from estuaries. Dredging and development led to a navigable harbor containing eight islands, thirteen yacht clubs and boating associations, thousands of "cottages" large and small, nearly an equal number of boats, and 26 miles of shoreline. It is an ideal location for family sailing and served as the impetus to build a simple, fun, and comfortable sailing dinghy.

What followed is nothing short of spectacular. Within three short years, almost 1000 boats had been built. By 1970, with the total approaching 3000. Of these, a very large percentage involved in competitive racing around the nation. It was common for relatively minor regattas to have 60 or more boat and major regattas having limits of 100. As with all one-design boats of the era, the popularity of the Lido 14 peaked in the mid-70's. By 1980, the total number of boats constructed had risen to nearly 5000 but the number of new boats was quickly decreasing. A testament to the quality of the construction is that boats built in 1960 are still actively racing and will continue to sail many years to come given a little maintenance and loving care. Perhaps to the chagrin of W.D. Schock Corp., the availability of quality used boats sustains the popularity of the Lido 14, providing an unmatched entry into the wonderful world of small boat sailing!
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